We offer an eclectic luxury of wines according to your taste. The best and top quality wines are here that is seasoned for weeks of processing time.

  • Wines from Fresh Grapes

What differentiates us from our competition is our ability to make wines from Californian fresh (or frozen) grapes. These wines are distinctly different from kit wines, and for great customer satisfaction, are priced even lower than so-called high end wine kits. These wines are a hit and we have great responses from our customers.

  • Wine from Premium Concentrate Juices

Customers who are satisfied with regular table wine, our red and white concentrated juices from Chile and Argentina make an excellent choice. These reds have a deep dark colour, ripe plums and subtle tannin. They are not made from a wine kit, but rather from premium grape concentrate which Chateau Vino imports directly from Chilean producer. It is unpasteurized without glucose/fructose additions!

Whites have medium body with a beautiful long finish.

  • Wines from Pure Grape Juices

As everybody knows a wine kit is a blend of pure grape juice, concentrated grape juice and fructose/glucose with more or less water additions. Almost all of them are pasteurized which reduces much of the freshness. After a while, all wine kits start tasting the same so for a change, and a smoother taste, we create wines from fresh Californian juices.For our customers who love smoothness in texture we have Italian, Mosti Mondiale All Juice kit. They are 100% pure juice with no concentrates, no glucose-fructose, nor require water additions.

  • Ice Wine

What makes us famous is another distinct product from our line. This is Ice Wine, but not from the wine kit. We have our special recipe for creation of this famous dessert wine. All Ice Wine kits contain high glucose-fructose additions, to make it sweet. We use only a combination of grape juices, which makes our Ice Wine very rich in flavour and has a memorable aroma you cannot get from a kit!

  • Premium Port

A deep ruby colour, well balanced and smooth with flavours that develop into a more mature Port. Lush and perfectly balanced, this Port is very authentic.

  • Blueberry Wine

We use 100% local fresh blueberries.

By your request we can provide any grape varietal which is available on the marker. An extensive list of them are available on manufacturers brochures.