In 1994, three friends- John Eng, Greg Schulc and Zivko Kiridzija (Kira for short)- started their venture: Chateau Vino Wine Cellar. A few years later John and Greg left the company to their friend Kira.

Kira is a winemaker from former Yugoslavia. He graduated from the Agriculture faculty department for Fermentation and Preservation at the University of Belgrade. Upon graduating he spent a couple years working at a winery on the Adriatic coast (present day Croatia).

From his uncle’s vineyard, vintage 1982, he blended a Merlot which won a Gold medal at the 1984 International Wine fare in Ljubljana, Slovenia and the year after that, a Great Diploma in Bratislava, Slovakia, at the international wine fair.

Almost thirty years of experience in the wine making business gives him the freedom to go beyond making wine from a wine kit . For more information please click the products section.